Frequently asked

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a website?

Between 2 days and 2 years.. Jokes aside, websites can range so much in terms of content and complexity that it is impossible to answer directly without knowing the details. Don’t worry, I will give you the estimated timeline for both design and development work before every project.

How much will a website cost?

Each project is different, so each price is different as well. Pricing of websites depends on the type of work, timeline and complexity. Before we agree on a project I will give you my hourly rate, the estimated timeline and the number of hours involved. You can read more details on this in the general section.

What type of design services you offer?

My usual projects involve designing websites in Figma and developing them in Webflow. However, I have been working as an UI/UX Designer in design teams, so in rare scenarios I may able to help also with web app or design system work.

What type of development services you offer?

I develop and maintain business & marketing websites in Webflow and connect those with other tools. I develop exclusively in Webflow using road tested best practices in Webflow development. If what you’re looking for is not a good fit for Webflow, I promise I will let you know.

What if I have the website designed but need development only?

No problem. I offer pixel-perfect Figma to Webflow implementation as well and will be happy to help you out. You get an additional awesomeness boost if the designs are prepared in Figma and contain a style guide. I don’t accept web design files from Photoshop or Illustrator.

Can you create custom illustrations, icons or mockups for me?

No, I don’t offer these services. I’m not a graphic designer, so you would need to hire external support if you need custom illustrations or icon sets. However, there are multiple high quality illustration and icon libraries out there that can be used on your projects without compromising on the end result too much.

Are there any additional costs for me?

Typically only the cost of the correct Webflow plan for the website and the domain. On case-by-case basis there may be a need to pay for additional software like Zapier or Jetboost to have certain functionalities. I will let you know upfront if any such costs are involved.

Can I reach out to you even if you’re unavailable?

Absolutely yes. Even if I’m not available to take on projects, I can still refer you to other people and point out good places for hiring quality designers & developers. Just please bear in mind that I may not respond lightning fast if it’s a busy time.

What does the process look like if we work together?

First we have a nice chat to decide what needs to be built. I will then follow up with the proposal that will include the estimated costs, timeline and a step by step roadmap. Everything will be clear and honest. You won’t be surprised at any stage during our cooperation.

How will we communicate during the project?

I will set up a Slack space for us for day-to-day communication. You will receive regular Loom updates through the whole project. We will try to keep the lengthy meetings to bare minimum. No 3-day workshops, no wireframe stages, no meetings other than crucial ones. This is about delivering quality work with effective, honest, timely communication.

What tools will we use?

Figma for strategy and design. Webflow for development. Loom for ongoing updates, walkthroughs and trainings. Slack for project communication.

Where are you based?

I’m based in Dublin, Ireland. I have been able to work from clients from the EU, but also US and Australia. Since we limit long meetings to bare minimum and have async communication from Slack and Loom timezones shouldn’t be a problem.

When will you respond to my message?

At the shortest time possible but only on weekdays sorry. I need some time to chill out, be with my closest ones, get a breather and spin some vinyls. Also when I turned on that lovely “on holidays” status, I will respond after holidays.